Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Version 1.0.7 has been re-submitted

Improve application loading performance.
Fix: Incorrect age calculation with Japanese calendar.
Add: view Wikipedia contents by Year, Month and Day.


한탐 said...

I downloaded birthday app today.
But I don't know how to enter birthday.
Nothing continuous is on view.
Please introduce me how to use.

Norio Nomura said...

Hello 한탐,
Please refer

한탐 said...

Thanks for your perfect reference.
And I hope many people will love this app.

Anonymous said...

Recently purchased birthday for my itouch. Nothing is coming on screen. At bottom has "days, months, age and Wikipedia." Please advise how to get up and running.

Norio Nomura said...

Birthday App does not have a function to create new iPhone Contacts Information. So, you need to use iPhone Contacts App for createing new birthday information. Please refer How to add birthday in contacts.

iPhone Game Development said...

Thanks for the perfect details and link. I would like to download it.